Welcome to Telamoda where we believe fine art doesn’t just belong in a museum, art gallery or on a canvas. In a world that is filled with war, hate and ideology, we want to bring calm, beauty and love through WEARABLE arts. 

Art is an amazing tool to express our true feelings, for others to see. Telamoda, strives to encourage the exposure of masses to art as well as an “out of the box”, artistic and self-creative styles that makes you feel glamorous, confident and unique in your own way. It can be wearing something that you make as work of your own art, work of an upcoming talented artist or a masterpiece by a world known artist.

Art is essential for our mental health and it has been proven that it can stimulate the brain in a new direction and improve the mental health. The creativity and happiness that visualization of art brings can make all the difference in our lives; therefore we believe that wearing art and exposing others visually to it would bring peace and joy to all of us. Our hope is that our concept would make the world a better, happier and calmer place to live. One art at a time.